Re-Working this site

We have added an office in Florida and have not been updating this web site (except for event listings) for a while. Expect us to start adding new content soon. In the meantime, use our main site in the Midwest

Get Ready to Really Really Cruise

It's almost time for the big car cruise and the largest car event period. You could join the one million people that show up for this event, with or without a cruiser. Thousands and thousands of cars cruise 16 miles in the 2 curb lanes of Woodward Ave. The official date is August 17, 2013. Saturday, 9am to 9pm. But the action starts days earlier. Vendor madness and live bands add to the festivities. ..more info

Whoaa - More Huge Events

We were at the Piston Powered Autorama for the biggest indoor event. Now its outdoors for the really huge Charlotte AutoFair at Charlotte Motor Speedway April 4th thru 7th. Bring your friends, bring your money to this giant auto flea market. With around 10,00 vendor spaces, plan on spending a lot of time there.
...more info...